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You should brush your pet everyday whether they have a long coat or a short coat. Brushing everyday will also help your pet stay clean. You ALWAYS want to brush your dog before ever giving him or her a bath yourself. It will help reduce the matting. If you wash your pet and he or she has tangles or knots in their hair, the water will make the knots tighter.  With longer coated dogs always lift the hair and brush from the inside out to get most of the undercoat out.

Not Sure which kind of brush to use for your dog?

It depends on your dogs coat type:

For short hair or coarse hair you want to use a zoom groom, your pet will love it because it feels like a massage and it pulls off all the dead hair and should help reduce the shedding.

For long coated dogs you want a slicker brush and a comb. The comb will help you catch the areas that were missed by the brush and you could then focus on those areas. A metal comb would be better than a plastic comb.