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Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks are bad this season and they are very bad for your pet. If your pet has fleas or ticks then you need to bring them in for a good flea and tick bath. While we treat your animal you need to treat all the areas your pet stays in at home. It's not your fault if your animal gets fleas or ticks, most fleas come from stray cats in your area and ticks could be dropped in your yard by birds flying over head.


What To Use When Your Pet Gets Fleas Or Ticks:


Most people use flea collars to help protect their animals from fleas. These usually do not work because the fleas have to actually come in contact with the collar to work. Fleas normally stay in the warm areas on your pet.

A good Spot On Treatment is what you need for your pet to keep them protected. We recommend Bio-Spot, it works the same as Frontline and Advantage but is far less expensive.

If your pet has fleas then they also have a chance of getting worms because if your pet happens to eat a flea then it will turn into worms. Here is what a flea looks like:


Ticks are also bad for your pet, they carry Lyme disease and could kill your pet if they have lots on them. Ticks have a poison that they put in your pet to keep the blood to continuously flow so they can eat off your pet. There are male and female ticks. Males are small black ones and females are large grayish ones. The one on your left is a male tick and the one on your right is a female tick: